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Dollar SignClickBank is one of the biggest and oldest affiliate programs available for the online affiliate marketer to utilize when building an online stream of income. It is built on an easy to use, reliable platform for the online marketer to promote and sell digital products in any niche they choose.

ClickBank History

After witnessing the growth of the internet ClickBank was designed to help consumers find products in the booming website world. It was founded in 1998 in a garage and is now one of the top internet retailers and a leader in digital e-commerce that currently works with more than 6 million entrepreneurs.

ClickBank works with the product creators to create and offer appropriate products to sell based on their own strict guidelines.

Most of the products they offer are digital that can simply be downloaded instantly by the purchaser. This makes for fast, inexpensive delivery of the product and makes ClickBank one of the highest paying affiliate programs in the industry.

Available digital products include items relating to exercise and weight loss, how-to guides, recipe books, self-help resources, making money and many more.

ClickBank provides the work from home business the perfect platform to generate a steady stream of income using just your computer. The commissions that can be earned range anywhere from just 1% all the way up to 75% (sometimes higher) depending on the product that you choose to promote.

Setting Up A ClickBank AccountClickBank Account

Go to the website, and click on Create An Account. This is the large grey tab on the top right of the page, when you click this you will be taken to the screen to start your account set up.

The first step is entering your personal information. All affiliate programs that I have found require your personal information to set up the account. This is to establish that you are a real person and who they will be making payments to.

You will need to enter your name, email address, phone number and physical address.

You will then need to enter your banking information and your Tax ID. Your Tax ID will either be your Social Security Number or if you are a business owner this will be your business Tax ID number. (ClickBank is a legitimate company and this is required for tax purposes)

You will then receive an email with your account and login information. Your account number is the affiliate code that is assigned to you this is how they will track your sales to pay your commissions.

Finding A ProductClickBank Categories

When you go to ClickBank you will notice down the left side of the page there is a list of product categories. Simply pick the category that correlates with the niche you picked or the one that interests you and scroll through the hundreds of products to promote or go straight to the affiliate marketplace by clicking on the tab at the top of the page.

The Best Use Of Affiliate Links

Some people just share their link here and there on social media but this really isn’t productive and may even be counterproductive.

To really get the full benefit from being an affiliate for ClickBank (or any other affiliate program) you will want to promote your product to your targeted audience either by creating pay per click advertisements or become a content creator on your own website.

Whichever technique you choose you will want to learn all you can and become a master in that specific technique.

I chose to use the content creation technique (also known as blogging) and the training platform that I chose is Wealthy Affiliate.

My Personal #1 ChoiceWa Logo Leather

Wealthy Affiliates training is the best resource for learning how to build your website, how to write the content, how to enter links within your content and how to drive the targeted traffic to your website.

If you are anything like me you are just so eager to start earning money that you will try to skip some steps to just get on with it. But I can tell you from my own experience and mistakes that you really do not want to do that. It really is not a good idea and in the end it will cost you more time, effort and frustration.

It’s best to sign up with a reputable training platform that will show you step by step so you can build that foundation for your business (yes, “your business”) so you can gain the knowledge to be successful as an affiliate marketer.

My personal #1 choice is Wealthy Affiliate. Feel free to read my Wealthy Affiliate Review and sign up to start your online home based career.

Please leave me a comment below or leave me any questions you may have, I always look forward to hearing from my readers.

Wishing You Success,


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  1. Hello Pam

    Thank you for this explanation of Clickbank. I have often wondered about what it is and your explanation made it clear for me. You put it in such easy terms to understand.

    I am more than ready to create a Clickbank account now. I avoided it before because I didn’t understand it.

    Thank you for your clear explanation. It helped me a lot.


    • Thank you for reading my article, I waited for a long time before I signed up also, I wasn’t sure how it worked so I did a little research and am really glad that I have an account now. I wish you the best, Pam

  2. I have heard of click bank but have not tried it. I was advised that they have many upsets.
    Is that true? Or is it like Wealthy Affiliate and you are given everything and it is covered in your membership?
    Thank you for your review. you definitely provided me information, but I figured who better to ask and get the truth from, than someone who is a member of click bank.

    • Hi thank you for reading my post. I have not experienced any upsells like other people have talked about. That’s not to say they don’t exist but I haven’t come across any. It may depend on the items you promote. With the vast amount of items they have it could be a possibility, I just have not encountered it. I hope this answers your question
      Wishing you success

  3. Hello Pam,
    This article was very informative. I just want to know if I don’t have a bank account, can I still sign up with Clickbank?

    • Hello, thank you for reading my article. I’m not sure about not having a bank account. I know they have different options to pay commissions such as wire transfers, paper check and direct deposit. You could check the Clickbank Knowledge Base – Signing Up For A Clickbank Account and see if the answer your looking for is there. I did not encounter any issues because I did enter a bank account at sign up.
      Wishing You Success

  4. It seems to be easy to get accepted with click bank.

    I have tried to get affiliate partner with different companies, offering their affiliate links through an affiliate program.

    I always get accepted by the affiliate program but not by the actual company I want to sell products from.

    • Hi, thanks for reading my article. You are right Clickbank is one of the easier affiliate programs to sign up for. They don’t have to approve your site so even the newest online marketer can sign up with them. Some of the other affiliate programs will only approve older established websites so it makes it hard for those just starting out in online digital marketing. Thanks again for visiting my website
      I hope you have a blessed day

  5. What a great introduction to Clickbank.

    I have used Clickbank on a few occasions to find and then market products, your explanation of the way to sign up is excellent. A question of which I am not of the answer is: As an overseas person what do we include for TAX ID, since we don’t have such a number here.

    Sounds funny doesn’t it, but I joined Clickbank a while ago and cannot remember what I had to do, perhaps you could remind me.

    • Hi There, thank you for reading my article. If you are in the US they require your Social Security Number or Business Tax ID. Clickbank is available in many countries so I would assume they would have to follow your specific countries business rules. You might find what you are looking for in the Clickbank Knowledge Base – Signing Up For A Clickbank Account. There is a lot of useful information in there and a list of the countries that Clickbank participates with.
      I hope you find what you are looking for
      Wishing you a great day

  6. Hi Pam, Thank you for all the information on Click Bank. I had not heard of it before and found it very interesting.
    All the best, Jill

    • Hello Jill, Clickbank can be a very useful tool for the online marketer. I’m glad you found my article useful.
      Wishing you the best

  7. I’ve used Clickbank in the past and made sales, however, my traffic was low on my website so I couldn’t find the “explosive” growth I was looking for.

    I started Wealthy Affiliate and began implementing the strategies they teach. Not long after I started receiving organic traffic and my income rose. It wasn’t easy but definitely does work for those willing to put in the work. Thanks for the article 🙂

    • Hi thanks for reading my article. I too signed up for Clickbank quite awhile ago but without my training from Wealthy Affiliate I wasn’t able to utilize it to the great extent I wanted to. Fast forward a few months after going through the Wealthy Affiliate courses and it all came together. Thanks for chiming in here and I wish you success,

  8. Am a member of Clickbank but havent really used it since signing up.
    It was great to have a refresher especially as I have been looking for affiliates programmes for my niche and forgot all about Clickbank.
    It gets a bad rap sometimes but for a Newbie like me it’s great because it’s so easy to sign up to compared to some other Affiliate programmes. Thanks.

    • I agree with you completely. Clickbank is one of the easiest programs to sign up for. Which makes it especially useful to those who are new to affiliate marketing.Thank you for reading my article.
      Wishing you success

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