Are Your Ready To Retire – You Can Retire Early

I have worked many JOBS for many years and in all those years I haven’t been able to put anything into my own retirement. Does this sound familiar? Are you ready to retire? I want to share with you how you can retire early.

Grow MoneyRetirement For Today

If you are retired or just now starting to think about your retirement and are finding that your bank account is looking a little on the lean side then you are not alone. There are thousands of people that have discovered that living on social security is not enough to pay the bills. Especially with rising health care costs.

By social security guidelines I will not receive full retirement until I am 70 years old. WHAT!?!?

You would think that after working for 50 plus years that you would have a little something put away for retirement.

If the average person retires at age 65 and lives to be well into their 90’s then you would have to have enough retirement to cover 30 years of income. This amount of money will vary depending on what your current lifestyle requirements are and what you want your lifestyle to be when you actually retire.

So let’s just use an example of a couple currently working and living on an income of $4,000 per month. This means that you would have to have $1,440,000 in your retirement to live your current lifestyle for 30 years.

Will It Be EnoughWork For 401K

That seems fair enough but what about when you take into account rising healthcare costs, rising fuel and grocery costs and if you’re not lucky enough to have your own home paid off then you would have to allow for a rise in housing costs.

What do you want to do in your retirement? Do you want to travel the world and visit every golf course along the way? Do you want to stay home and care for your grandchildren. Do you want to buy an RV and hit the road and visit every US State?

This is what you need to think about when planning your retirement.

How are you going to obtain the extra funds for retirement and how can you retire early?

There Is A Better Way

What would you say if I knew of a way for you to earn that extra income and if you start now you will be able to retire wealthy and early?

It’s all about building your own home based business. Belonging to an online community with thousands of people to help you and guide you through your endeavor.

Let me tell you about Wealthy Affiliate. It is an online business training platform that will enable you to build an income by promoting something you are passionate about.

You really can make money well into your retirement by promoting your hobby, interest or passion. You can even do this while your traveling and earn passive income.

It’s based on affiliate marketing. This means that you can promote literally any product that you want to. And when you do this you earn money.

Almost every company that has an online store or web page has an option to become an affiliate for them. This means that you can mention their product in a blog or post and put in a link for your reader to go to their product and purchase it. When they purchase it that company will pay you a commission for sending them the buying customer.

To do this the first thing you would need is your own website. Relax it’s not that hard to do, you do not need to be a computer genius, I promise.

This Is Where Wealthy Affiliate Comes In

Wealthy Affiliate offers the best online training in the industry. Every course is accompanied by an instructional video followed by tasks to complete before moving on to the next lesson.

These courses walk you thru building your own website from the ground up. You are able to customize your website to truly make it reflect who you are and what you stand for.

After building your website the training will lead you into how to find your affiliates and attaching your affiliate links.

With the LIVE training videos and the community support any question you have can be answered anytime.

I Won’t Look BackCoffee Quote

I joined Wealthy Affiliate to build my online business that will help me obtain that extra income for my retirement. I KNOW I made the right choice, after just 4 months I am starting to see the trickle of extra income. And over time this trickle of income will grow into a raging river as my website grows and becomes more well-known.

If you are determined to make your retirement one that you can truly LIVE with, then read this Wealthy Affiliate Review and learn about how to build your own online business.

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  1. Great article. I did retire last June and I am here at WA so I can make enough money for my wife and I to travel when we want.
    I agree that WA is the place to be. I have only been here a month but I am very far along with my website.

    • Great, I love to here from other Wealthy Affiliate members. I am so glad you found a home here. I have been so pleased with the courses available and I will be here for many years. Congratulations on your retirement and website. I wish you the best, Pam

  2. Thank you so much for your post – that’s exactly what I need! I don’t only want to, but need to work from home as I am a caregiver to someone who needs my help during the days. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity to start early semi-retirement, because working on the website is still work, right? I was saving for the retirement all my professional career, but it’s not even close to providing for the lifestyle I want to have. So, are you saying that the website started today will bring me some passive income in the future?

    Thanks again, and all the best to you.

    • Thank you for reading my article. I have saved also and I’m no where near being able to retire yet. But that’s where Wealthy Affiliate comes in. I have seen people building their wealth here and mine is starting to trickle in now. It most certainly is something you start now so you can have passive income in the future. This is the perfect home business to allow you the freedom to do what you need to do. Thank you for visiting, Wish you the best, Pam

  3. Great website! Very encouraging and upbeat and informative! I’m a registered nurse and looking for another career so this is it.. very exciting and work at home 24/7 is amazing!

    • Thank you for visiting my website, I’m glad you found it encouraging. This can absolutely be a career, just give it time to grow. Wish you the best, Pam

  4. Hi Pam,
    Such a good article. One which everyone should read, however old. Don’t leave planning for your retirement too late. Puts terrible pressure on one.
    Also think Wealthy Affiliate the best option.
    Many thanks.

    • You are so welcome, I waited way too late to start saving, I never had the chance before. So I agree with you…start saving early in life when you still have time to let it build. I’m glad you found Wealthy Affiliate, I believe they are the best option as well.
      Best Regards

  5. Pam, very nice website your content is very straight forward and I like the one on awol I also, first saw them about a year ago. I’m glad You found WA I’m sure you will be having great success.
    Your page is very convincing. Just awesome.

    • Thank you for your kind words and having a look around my website. My experience with AWOL Academy is not one I want to repeat. I’m very thankful I found Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you for visiting my website. Wishing you the best

  6. This is perfect to get into if you’re planning for retirement. Being a wealthy affiliate member already, I’ve also found that it is the right place to learn about how to make money online. I’d been looking for some time, and when I found this amazing community, I knew I found the right place. It’s realistic and extremely helpful. I can’t believe I’ve created my own website through this community. It’s awesome. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you so much for visiting my website it’s always nice to meet a fellow Wealthy Affiliate member. I was looking for a better option when I found them also and am so glad I did. The step by step training was exactly what I needed to succeed.
      Thanks again for visiting, wishing you success

  7. Hi Pam. Very encouraging info for anyone who has yet to build that Mill and a half. I was looking for reviews, and could not find, even one negative review, although one started out: Wealthy Affiliate, scam of the year! Turned out very positive in the end so I guess the guy wasn’t serious.

    So what would you say is so special about Wealthy Affiliate that I should prefer it over the hundreds of other Affiliate Marketing sites out there?

    • Hi thanks for reading my post. I saw that review also, interesting how they turned it around at the end to be in favor of Wealthy Affiliate. If I had to sum up Wealthy Affiliate I would have to say it’s a complete package. It includes every essential element needed to build and host a website, step by step training for every experience level, access to thousand of members with all of their knowledge at your fingertips, and a very affordable monthly membership fee that won’t break the bank. And to top it off founders of the company who are active in the community personally lending their helping hands. And NO UPSELLS! That’s one thing that I was really excited about after being scammed by other programs that had upsells around every corner. Wealthy Affiliate was a breath of fresh air. If you have the time read my Wealthy Affiliate review and My Personal Experience With AWOL Academy.
      Best Regards,

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