Working From Home – Creating Your Office Space

It’s finally time to start working from home. Like any other business adventure working from home will take structure and commitment. Laying out your home office foundation and creating your space will make the home business venture an easy transition.

Imac Desk LampHome Business Basics

In todays world the most essential item for a home based business is a computer. It may be a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or even just your cellphone. I find I do most all my writing on my laptop (My iMac is just collecting dust) I can take my laptop into any room or any comfy chair. I can even take it on vacation with me if I choose to do so. It’s all up to me.

A Dedicated Work SpaceDesk Bamboo

If you are lucky enough to have a dedicated workspace in your home where you can have a desktop computer than that would probably be your best bet for ease of use and functionality.

Having a dedicated space that is quiet and out of the main hustle and bustle of the house would be ideal, maybe a quiet corner or a whole room if possible where you will be able to concentrate and work without interruptions.

A room that you can create into the “Home Office Space” should be a room that you are comfortable in, one that can allow you to create the ambiance that you can work best in. Whether that is a space with natural lighting from a large window or a darker corner space where you can adjust the lighting to your own specific needs.

If your home business is one in which you will have in-person consultations with clients at your office you may want to consider having a separate business entryway to protect your privacy to your personal living spaces.

Office EssentialsDesk Laptop Lamp

if you plan on being organized than a desk is an essential item. One large enough for you to work comfortably at your computer whether you use a desktop or laptop that is up to you.

A file cabinet of some sort, if you have a desk with drawers you may not need this.

You will want to be sure you have a phone, DSL, or cable line so you have access to the internet.

A printer, copier, scanner and fax machine or a multi function machine can be essential items as well depending on what your business is. If you plan to do flyers or photo printing or send faxes instead of emailing you may need these items in your office.

Since you will be spending many hours at your desk a high quality office chair that is rated for at least 8 hours of seating would be your best choice. These chairs offer more lumbar support and usually offer a contoured structure and are fully adjustable for a more comfortable supportive experience.

Additional Office Necessities

A document shredder may be an essential item if you have a home business in which you will be collecting or holding personal or sensitive information.

Basic essentials such as paper, scissors, pens, pencils, highlighters, stapler are items you may need to purchase for your business. Sit down and really think about your needs to function successfully with minimal expense.

One more thing that I think most people will not think about is some sort of fire proof document bag or fire proof safe to protect your important business (and personal) documents. We never want to think about something like a fire but we always want to protect our important documents. It’s easier and less expensive to protect them from the start rather than trying to replace them if something does go wrong.

Personalize Your Office SpaceComfy Chair Laptop

Add a few plants or a lamp or two. Hang some of your favorite pictures or inspirational quotes on the wall. Add a couch for visitors or maybe a couple of chairs with a small table in between for cozy down-time conversations. This is YOUR space make it reflect You and what you want to portray to your clients.

Or maybe you don’t need any of the suggestions above and all you need is your laptop, a comfy chair and an internet connection. It is entirely up to you.

Determining what is the most important home office essentials is going to depend on you. What is the most important to you and the business you have chosen.

Building your home business space is the hard part but Starting your business is the easy part

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  1. I read this post at the right time! I’m moving house next week and will have a dedicated room as an office so reading this is a real help. I want to get it just how I want it as I believe your working environment definitely has an effect on productivity and inspiration.

    I really like your ideas of hanging inspirational quotes on the wall, I haven’t thought of that. A plant or two is a great idea too. If I had room for a comfy chair or sofa that would be amazing but unfortunately I think that will be too much of a squeeze!

    Thanks for the ideas, I’m looking forward to getting it all set up now 🙂

    • Hello, thank you for reading my post. I’m glad you were able to find one or two of my ideas helpful. The space we work in really can have an effect on our productivity.  Good luck with your move and setting up your new office. Wishing you the best, Pam

  2. Great article and very informative! I can apply these principles as a thought process as I assess my working space from home. You’ve got my thinking that I also need to think about working from home with dogs that bark and how I’ll ensure that this doesn’t interrupt my working environment. Thank you.

    • Thank you for reading my article. It is very hard to work with distractions, the more we can control our work environment the better, and that includes or animals. (My cat always tries to sit on my keyboard when I’m typing) I’m glad you were able to find something useful here. Regards, Pam

  3. I can really relate to creating office space. I was never organized and it drove me crazy.
    I have numerous positive and inspirational quotes on my wall and desk that keep me going.
    I have a file cabinet and I make sure all my important documents are saved on my pc and flash drives.
    I have everything neatly on my desk including my printer.
    I work from home now that I am retired and neatness is important.
    Great article!

    • Thank you for reading my post, I am so glad you enjoyed it. When my work area is disorganized it drives me nuts also. I can be so much more productive in an organized space. Positive inspirational quotes are a great addition to your work space.

      Wishing you success and happiness


  4. Having a space at home from working from home is good. The challenge starts when you have clients for consultations. I think reading this article has given one or two ideas on what to do when I get trapped in such positions because right now I only have space for myself alone, , and with the look of thing consultations or visitations may kick in anytime. This is informative thanks!

    • You are so welcome, I’m glad you were able get some useful information from my article. Good luck with your home business, and best wishes.


  5. Hi Pam,

    Very interesting and informative article, Working From Home – Creating Your Office Space. All of your ideas are really good.
    Just wondering what you think of the newest trend, stand-up computer workstations? It is being said that sitting down for long periods of time is bad for your health.


    • Hello Ed, thank you for reading my post, I’m glad you found it useful.

      Standing work stations area a great idea, many healthcare professionals have standing work stations. I have used them in the past and they really are great if you can tolerate standing for long periods of time. There are some great converting sit to stand desks on the market today that have some great reviews.

      Thank you for your comment, I wish you the best


  6. This is a fantastic looking website and very easy to navigate ! I too have a home office and an online business that was built using the powerful platform at Wealthy Affiliate ! I have 2 web sites that are generating revenue and growing thanks to the training, hosting, tool box and community at Wealthy Affiliate !
    Your readers who take your advice will be returning to thank you! Great job!

    • Thank you for reading my article Mike and thank you for your kind words. I love to hear from fellow Wealthy Affiliate members.  The training and community support at WA is by far the best in the industry.

      I wish you much success 


  7. Hi,
    Nice one. I am very much interested in working from Home. It’s a great a place to start. While you described all the necessity to have a office space in home, i am looking forward to have my own at home with all the requirements that you have listed.

  8. I am really lucky since I can have a dedicated workspace in my parent’s home. But there is construction noise all the time and I don’t want to use earplugs since sometimes phone rings etc. What do you recommend for me? Do you have a solution a problem like this?

    • Yes you are lucky to have a dedicated work space. I wish I had an answer for you for that noise. Hopefully it won’t go on for too much longer and you will be able to concentrate again. Maybe you can place the phone in a location where you will be able to see it light up when it rings and then noise cancelling headphones won’t be a problem.

      I hope you can figure something out, it’s very hard to work with constant interruptions.

      Wishing you success


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