Can I Be An Internet Marketer?

If you have ever done a search on Google for how to make money online then you have seen hundreds of websites telling you that you can earn passive income online working from your own home. You will see stories of people making thousands of dollars in a single month writing blogs or being an affiliate marketer. After reading these stories and testimonials you may be asking yourself “Can I be an internet marketer?” “Do I have what it takes to earn income from home?

My Answer To You Is “YES, ABSOLUTELY!!”Home Office

Working from home can give you the same wages as working for someone else and for many people it can provide so much more. But it won’t come easy. You will need to put in the “work” to be successful.

Before You Take The Plunge

There are a few things that I would like you to consider before taking the plunge into online marketing.

First off, keep in mind that there is a high percentage of online businesses that fail within the first few months and never really take off. This can be very discouraging but if you have a plan that will guide you through these first few months and you are persistent you can rise above and build your online business into a very successful one.

Just like a brick and mortar business you will want to start with a good foundation to build your online business on. The foundation of an online business is going to be your website and a great business plan.

Ask YourselfSEO Graphs

So, what do you know about websites and HTML codes?

Are you willing to learn about them?

Do you have extensive knowledge on a profitable niche?

Are you willing to research and build your knowledge?

Do you know how to find an audience that will be interested in your niche?

Are you willing to learn how to attract those people to your website?

Do you know what problem your audience is having?

Are you able to offer them a solution to fix it?

Do you have a clear plan for what you want your business to be and how you are going to get there?

If you answered no, Are you willing to create your plan?

Do you know who your competition is?

Are you willing to offer a unique perspective to make your business stand out above the rest?

Create Your Plan

By creating a clearly defined business plan and incorporating the above questions you will be able to build a profitable website that will be easily ranked in the online search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Include short term and long term goals in your business plan so you have a clear understanding of when you are on track and you will know immediately when you stray from your plan. Having goals will provide a check and balance type system that will easily allow you to make adjustments where they are needed.

Internet marketing may be easier than building a brick and mortar business in some aspects but it does require you to have a different set of skills to be successful.

The online world is constantly changing and the skills needed to succeed with an online business are constantly changing as well. If your business does not evolve and utilize the most up to date tools and training then your business will fail. And one of the biggest reasons is the competition.

If the competition is selling the same items as you and the only thing setting you apart is your unique perspective then you will need to surpass them by building on your knowledge and skill set.

It’s All About The Training

The best way to enhance your skills is to enroll in a training platform that is constantly updating to include the latest training on marketing, website building and hosting, keyword tools, SEO (search engine optimization) and a 24/7 community that will offer support for your questions and concerns and inform you of online alerts and changes that may affect your website performance. The best training platform for this is Wealthy Affiliate (READ THIS REVIEW)

My Final Message To YouSuccess

Yes, you absolutely can be an internet marketer. But you have to put in the work and it will take time, it does not happen overnight, there is no get-rich-quick plan.

But as time goes by and your website and business grow and become ranked in the online search engines, and you are able to have systems in place to do some of the work for you, at that point you can look back and say “I DID IT, I am an online marketer, and I can now live the life I want to live, on my terms!”

Wishing you success. And as always, I look forward to hearing from you so please leave me any comments or questions below.

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  1. Wow this is truly an inspiring post. I love how you keep it real and let people know what challenges they are going to face. This isn’t easy. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. This is dedication to being able to have the freedom and options you want for yourself in life. The questions to ask yourself gives one the perspective of what they are going to face if they decide to embark on internet marketing. I really enjoyed reading this article. Thank you so much!


    • You are so welcome. Starting a home business is usually not something that just creates wealth overnight, anything worth doing takes time and dedication. I truly believe that anyone can do this. Thank you so much for reading my article and for leaving your comment. Best Regards, Pam

  2. I love your article. It is informative and the layout and graphics make it easy to read.

  3. Hello Pam,

    I really had no idea the day I searched “how to earn money on internet”. Well I did it in French of course, because this is my mother tongue. I derived in something which might have been a scam and fortunately searching again to make sure if the company was legit or not, I stumbled on a review about Wealthy Affiliate. I hesitated not a second as I could try it at no risk. What I discovered beyond was an extraordinary platform, friendly people and courses which I was able to follow ! What an opportunity. I think this is where most of us begin the journey, then of course you ask yourself what you want to do with your website and again there are so many possibilities, everyone can find and create a business that is as unique as the person itself.

    I really feel blessed to receive this education.



    • Oh I’m so glad you found my site. I almost spent thousands of dollars on a different training platform but thankfully I found Wealthy Affiliate. I truly believe that it is worth way more than what we pay for it. The training is fabulous. Wishing you success, Pam

  4. I love your article! It gives me encouragement for my new beginnings in the online marketing world. In the short time I’ve been working on my website and trying to build it up I’ve learned that it’s going to take a lot of work, research, and patience. Thanks for the supportive read!

    Good Luck on your journey! Devara

    • Thank you for visiting my site, I’m glad you like my article and found it encouraging. It does take a lot of work in the beginning but it is all worth it. Wish you the best I know you can do it, Pam

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